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Under decreasing temperature in vapor deposition the diameter of zinc needles and plates tapers.

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The SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SOCIETY FOR MICROSCOPY & MICROANALYSIS is dedicated to increasing interest and information in all areas of microscopy and microanalysis, including, but not limited to: transmission electron, scanning electron and electron microprobe, ion probe, microbeam analysis, optical and confocal microscopies, and microspectroscopies. You are invited to join, or renew your membership in the society.

The Society generally meets two times per year at various locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The program usually begins with a Social Hour followed by Dinner, then a brief Business Meeting and finally the Scientific Program which consists of one or two presentations in the biological and physical sciences selected to be of sufficient breadth and interest to appeal to the entire membership.

Among our current members are students (graduate and undergraduate), post-docs, college and university professors and research assistants, laboratory directors, vendors of electron microscopes, microanalysis and/or related equipment, laboratory technicians, technologists, assistants, and many others. Their professional work spans the full range of the biological, medical and physical sciences.


Corporate members are entitled to place two individual’s names on the rolls per membership. Your membership will be acknowledged throughout the year via SCSMM Meeting Announcements and Newsletters. Corporate members are invited to place advertising in our Meeting Announcements and Newsletters. The cost for this is $175 per 8½ x 11” page and helps to defray the cost of the mailings. You are also invited to sponsor one of our meetings at which you may give a short presentation or product demonstration. For more information on Corporate Memberships, please contact Brian Miller at, phone 503-984-0191.

SCSMM Vendor Sponsorship Benefits and Recognition

$500 (Gold) level + $100 Regular Corporate Membership

$250 (Silver) level + $100 Regular Corporate Membership

$150 (Bronze) level + $100 Regular Corporate Membership

$100 Regular Corporate membership

Vendors are also most welcome to sponsor with "in-kind" support of our meetings, such as providing wine with dinner (fall meeting) or a prize for a raffle or student talk/poster. Acknowledgment of such sponsorship will be made during the meeting and in the meeting announcement - and are always much appreciated!

Sponsorship is effective and recognized by SCSMM only for the year it was made and only after vendor’s contribution has been received.